The Chase Feb 3, 2010

The Chase from tbm on Vimeo.

Riders mashing after each other on a long stretch of road in Florida brought to you by 407 Fixed Gear. Short and sweet.

  • Rui

    my parent live down in Florida and Im visiting them next week. I was on the fence about bringing the bike or not and this seals the deal. It look like it will be a ton of fun to speed along on those flat traffic free roads in warm weather.

  • Rui, The weather is absolutely perfect right now. It’ll be worth it to bring your whip.

  • wilis

    Im going down to Orlando first week of March to kick it and ride. Anything cool there?

  • Damn, I miss the Orlando weather! Boston’s cold is kicking my ass! Good seeing 407 on here!

  • JAMLANDO!!! o how i miss you.

  • definitely awesome weather for biking here in orlando right now….