Super Ted in Tokyo Feb 18, 2010

Super Ted in Tokyo from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Such a weird coincidence with the last video. I was just digging through my video clips from the 2009 CMWC when I came across this video I shot of Super Ted. He came to Tokyo and forgot his lock so he was borrowing Hal’s backup; a combination lock. We’d hop inside a bar, have a few to drink and come out, only to have Ted forget the combination. Classic!

In case you haven’t picked up on this yet, Super Ted will be at the RVA Fixed / Trick Track event next weekend at the NAHBS. If you needed a reason to go (no idea why you wouldn’t be going), that’s a pretty good one.

Ted, see you next week man!

  • finn Z

    HAHAHA “don’t steal bikes bro!” i’m assuming that was you prolly?

  • PedalAndey

    Hahaha, Fuckin brilliant!! Classic… Pissed myself!
    Good memories of last year.

  • andy

    comment on top ^^ i was just about to say the same. haha. is peel sessions still going down tomorrow? if so, are bmxers welcome? i sold my volume cutter 2months ago and i still have yet to visit peel sessions. coming from queens.

  • Funny as hell. Sad thing is, I think we have all been there at some point?

  • Such a tiny lock, plus it was so easy to loose that big chain… Ted were lucky to not have his bike stolen! Funny as hell though. Greetings from Brazil!