Steven Jensen Intro Edit Feb 22, 2010

Untitled from steven jensen on Vimeo.

So many bangers. This dude must have a BMX background. Hang 5’s, Hang 10’s, wheelie 180’s, fullcab bar and so many other great lines in this edit. Not bad for a first introduction edit! I wanna see more.

  • phil

    wow that is probably the best edit ive ever seen on here. this guy is way better than anyone else.

  • phil

    Also, i dont think his chain is tight enough

  • Vas


  • aj

    of course he has a BMX back ground, dude does everything without straps. suprised to see a fakie wheel, nice to see not just all BMX trick. either way dude is smooth

  • wilis

    Wow! Kid rips and looks half bored while doing it.

  • alex

    Man you know this guy can destroy. That poor rig, you can hear his bike creaking the whole way through! Beautiful edit! Hey PHIL, what do you mean “this guy is way better than anyone else.”? PROLLY’s number 1! ;)

  • bullshit, I’m no where near as good as most riders these days!

  • andy

    too fucking sick!

  • riley

    what are you talking about prolly?

    you da, you da, best.

    and your big in japan ;)