Sara Kinney: Squarebuilt Feb 25, 2010

SQUAREBUILT from Sara Kinney on Vimeo.

Sara went to the Squarebuilt studios in Bushwick to chat with Lance and Krillz about making bicycles in Brooklyn. Great little interview with Krillz about his first Squarebuilt’s death at the hands of a delivery truck.

  • Santiago Belmont

    Cool Video, do you know what type of tubing he uses for the frames?, yamaguchi graduate. for sure.

  • I may be wrong, but I think Lance is self-taught. The chainstays are usually Columbus. Not sure about the rest.

  • Anyone have any info about when these “made to fit” frames will be available and what the pricing will be like?

  • Lance is not Yamaguchi taught. He went to UBI and BBI over 7 or 8 years ago if im not mistaken. Most frames have been a mix of several types of tubing. Utilizing a broader spectrum of tube suppliers (deda, trutemper, columbus, allows for a much more precise build than sticking strictly to pre arranged ‘tubesets. A few bikes have been almost completely LIFE however. Riders size&weight/butting/frame geometry and riding style all define each tubes purpose. The fat 30mm chainstays have made it onto almost every bike though. These are available. Email [email protected] a freestyle frame should be here this summer also.

  • Santiago Belmont

    wow, thats amazing, i always have issues, with the bikes that i get, they fit really nice for a couple of days/weeks, then something starts to bother me. Having a bike build to my own personal fit would be awesome, im defenetly intenrested on one of these bikes, i just dont really dig the part about mixing tubing. but im defenetly emailing this dude.

  • mike15^

    legit, I would to apprentice for a guy like that.

  • Why would you not mix tubing? That’s like saying you would not use anything but GOYA ingredients to make dinner. For what, to say you made a GOYA dinner? It doesn’t make it better. But you would get to put a GOYA sticker on your plate :)
    Prolly is right and wrong. I think i told him something along the lines of everything i do now i learned through experimentation but i did in fact go to UBI to learn not to blow myself up in 2003 I was taught to TIG weld frames by Jim Kish of I also learned to fillet braze from Doug Fattic
    Now Doug apprenticed with basically every builder in England during the 70’s and i think he can literally build a frame with a Weber and a straight piece of wood. Someone should really be writing down everything Doug can remember about frame building. So yes I’m a graduate of a few schools but at this point I think I’ve developed my own style and prefer to talk more about what I’m going to make next.
    The made to fit frames will be available as soon as i get my new TIG welder delivered and set up. Pricing should be very affordable because TIG welding a frame i already designed cuts out about 75% of the work but i haven’t sat down and worked pricing out yet. You guys got any other questions feel free to email me.