Peel Sessions 02.04.10 Quick Edit Feb 5, 2010

Peel Sessions 02.04.2010 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

This was supposed to be a quick edit, but the upload crashed on me multiple times today. We were all hitting the kicker and clearing the box when Wonka decided to bar off it. A few tries later and he nailed it, along with a 180. It doesn’t look that crazy, but it’s easy to fuck up the timing and eat shit. That kicker is steep!

Fun night for sure. It’d been a while since we all rode due to the weather. See you guys next week!

Ed Glazar: Peel Sessions 02.04.10
Peel Sessions 02.04.10

  • Nice. Is that vid. shot with EOS T1i SLR? If so the quality is impressive.

  • yeah, it was.

  • danny

    That van was rock and roll.

  • isti

    that kind of throwing around hundreds of dollars worth bikes in a tantrum just makes youse look so much like fucking spoilt babies, it’s kind of embarassing even to look at.

  • YO isti go to bed.

  • Hey John were ya shootin’ in 1080 or 720?

  • 1080

  • Vas

    isti, its his bike he can do whatever he wants to it. we work for zee bikes around these here parts.

    nice bars, wonka!

  • isti

    I might have been a bit harsh, and do I appreciate Wonka’s reply, which was funny and relaxed :-)

    of course you can do whatever you want to your bikes but it can also make whatever impression it makes in me.

    what I was thinking of writing that comment was the discrepancy between how that old Italian frame builder for Gorilla talked about his handmade frames having a soul and the way I see some youse treat your bikes.

  • hah

    Wonka’s like 19 right? So i suppose isti’s comment is pretty spot on…