Mishka Tokyo Store Opening Party Feb 24, 2010

The Mishka World Tour continues next week in Tokyo. I designed the space for Mishka’s first international store and once again, I’ll be out at the opening party. How crazy is that? The whole crew is coming, including Lamour Supreme. He’ll be there airbrushing your face (if you let him). Wait till you see what he’s created for the Harajuku store!

March 5th. Be there!

  • charles schoen

    Prolly goes international… Third japan trip?

  • So, I’m curious; is Neckface part of Mishka?

    I noticed one of his images in the above flier and I figured I’d ask because I seriously don’t know.

    Or, is the presence of the image an homage to him?

  • Which image is his in the flier? Those are all Mishka stickers.

  • I thought the image of the blue character w/ an arm over his forehead was by Neckface. Saw those up in NYC in ’06 and thought they were Neckfaces’. If not, I apologize for the confusion.

  • Nah, that’s Twerps!’s Lobster Roll.

  • Ohh, right on. My bad.

    Glad to know the true artist behind it. I love that character. [email protected] name Lobster Roll.

    Mishka seems like a really talented group of artists, for sure.

    Have fun in Japan, man.