DPH Profile: Shea Hardacre Feb 22, 2010

DPH Profile – Shea Hardacre from DPH on Vimeo.

The DPH crew has started to put together rider profiles and first up is Shea. I met Shea at the Mid-West Mayhem and he’s one solid dude. Here’s the info from the Vimeo page:

Winter 2010 profile edit for Shea Hardacre. Filmed over the course of a few nice days during the middle of February. Shot with a few different cameras.

Converge – Shingles
MF Doom – Cellz

Filmed by:
Joe Duplanty
Jon Fenton
Chris Smith
Kristen VanDeVelde

Edited by:
Shea Hardacre

  • vin-E

    Shea!!! Good look bud! Got those 180’s down now I see. woo owoooooop!

  • Oh I’ve had them down for awhile now dude! and thanks!

    Thanks a bunch for the post Prolly. Ill see you this weekend man!

  • Yeah Shea, made it on Prolly!