Year of the Robster Craw Jan 14, 2010

YEAR OF THE ROBSTER CRAW from eric puckett on Vimeo.

I love Puckett’s videos. Here’s a perfect example why; ledge hop to wheelie to barhop, big 180‘s and some Texas-style jackassery. Great job man.

Elliot drinks like a hipster.

Eric Puckett Volume Ad

  • hell yeah eric! that shit was sick!

  • chris

    so rad!

  • that’s a tight bank spot. dope riding…

  • aj

    now volume, send him to milwaukee so we can met alice cooper.

  • Sake bombs? That better be Lonestar those shots are dropping into. Pinky up Grog! Also, Eric, you def looked like slow cakes when you pulled that bike twirl bs haha!!!