RVA Fixed Soul Glow Jan 18, 2010

RVAFIXED! SOUL GLO from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

Richmond Fixed is live and this is their first edit! Check out the last clip.

  • Glenn

    Richmond crew killin’ it. I just wish that these crazy tricks were being done with trackesque ratios.

  • omg that music was so bad i listened to it on mute. And lol @ them not holding the smoke in if its weed then they obviously didnt get high and they probably smoked oregano

  • “i love bicycles” come here with any weed you smoke and i will put your ugly buds to shame. all those clips were sped up, and if you dont appreciate soul glo than you have no knowledge of 80s eddie murphy movies. which means you cant handle the real dope shit.

  • julio

    fuck you pussy ^
    ill be at midwest mayhem if you got some more shit to say.

  • I’ll be there too and I’m going to make both of you stand in the corner with a dunce hat on if this continues. COME ON GUYS I don’t have time to babysit the comments. Be polite.

  • Lucca

    oh boy were turing into the cum up ever so gently

  • No, we’re not. Not on my watch.


  • Ted

    Diggin on this video hard. I’ve spent some time in VA. Its not their fault good weed cant be found there. but is the herb the important part? nah. they’re tearin it up in Richmond.

  • fugly

    these guys are killing it.

  • Jamar the fat asshole from the Darby creek

    richmond is full of the biggest douchebag i ever seen an for that douchebags girlfriend she can come rub my delco dick any day

  • texas brody

    I like this video, good stuff.

  • haha, Eddie is so crazy! I love him.