Hang the Cyclists: Bike Lane Protest in Budapest Jan 14, 2010

Sounds like people world-wide oppose bike lanes for all the same (and wrong) reasons. I can’t speak for Budapest, but in NYC, your city taxes pay to maintain roads. Cyclists, like motorists, pay these. Also, to the guy at the 2:50 mark, have you ever been to a big city in America? Probably the best quote in the video is “… People are like that by nature. They support what is good for them”. It’s true. If you drive, you hate bike lanes and cyclists. If you ride a bike, you tolerate cars and desire bike lanes. It’s a huge quagmire for sure.

Read up on the background on this video below.

On the 13rd of december 2009, at the same time of the climate conference in Copenhagen, 16 motorists demonstrated against a new bike lane, built on one of the main roads of the city.
The organisation EMPAMO (Movement for Human Parking) started an offensive against the cyclist movement, calling them fascist (http://globalvoicesonline.org/2009/10/0 3/hungary-cycling-is-chic-but-fascist/). This group has 13 members, and the video shows, how constructive they face the problems of urban traffic.
FYI there’s a very old motorist club in Hungary, called Autóklub, with more than 300k members. They have no connection with this group.

By the wave of the Critical Mass, the sum of cyclists doubles every year in BP. In 2009 some smaller but important changes happened to help this kind of transportation. One of them was this bike lane. On the smaller boulevard about 70 parking lots were deleted, to give back the space for pedestrians and cyclists. The route also has a strong public transport use, and every- day traffic jams. Parking lots for delivery were constructed.

The Critical Mass Budapest is organised on the closest sunday to Earth Day in april and on the Car Free Day, in sept. The worlds biggest CM is abiding the law, has a good relationship with the local police.


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  • David

    I am a hungarian fixed gear fan, I have my own beloved bike. Well, this attitude is quite a big problem around here. I watch the videos you guys post or macaframa and mash and I admire how normal it is, to ride a bike. In Budapest it is very dangerous. And I just look at these poor, sad people and it makes me so very angry. Why don´t they recognise that bikes are the future? In every cultivated city there is an increasing number of bikes. In here, there are more and more cars and traffic jams and idiots like these guys.

  • Lowell

    “Go to a big city in America and see if there are any cyclists, there the rule is if you want to bike you put it on the roof rack and go to the woods, to the country side. There you bike then you put it on your roof and go home”-Grumpy Man

    HAHAHA wow

  • In BC the licencing fee paid by vehicle owners, based on the weight of the vehicle, is put toward road maintenance. While I don’t think this is a revenue-neutral system, it is a bit more fair than these costs solely existing in property taxes. Cycling infrastructure a drop in the bucket of road building on the whole, and bicycles themselves rarely factor in the need for ongoing maintenance. I don’t disagree with the motorists’ right to protest, but I do take issue with the ignorance embedded in this dispute.

  • Marty

    Long live English American.

  • hey my country Holland got mentioned! We have bike-lanes everywhere. Every dutch person has got an average of at least 1 bike though.

    I don’t see how public transport can be hindered because of cyclists?

    Everyone pays taxes for roads you know.

  • Zsurmi

    Yes, everyone pays. But in Hungary most people believe, since they pay so much (compared to their salary), so they pay everything!

    They have no idea that their use of cars have other costs, they don’t pay. All other tax payes take their share. So they are freeloaders.

    Nothing else exist they recognize.