Fuel TV’s “Save the Brooklyn Banks” Jam Jan 19, 2010

Yet another Brooklyn Banks update. I just saw this over at Whatchulooklike:

The homie Steve of 5 Boro hit me up lettin me know that FUEL TV will be at the banks on Saturday for a “Save The Banks Jam”, AKA all you fuckers that ride have to come and show love!! The more people that come the better chance of keep the Brooklyn Banks (my 2nd home) open! So yea side threw and Chill!

Skate, scoot, bike and blade your way over to the banks this weekend. If you’re not going to the MWM, you should be at the Brooklyn Banks. Now’s the time to save the banks!

Brooklyn Banks Update: Official from the DOT
Brooklyn Banks Update
Brooklyn Banks to be Closed

  • Pretty sure I’ll be the only one rocking a fixed gear at this thing… all the NY heads are going to be at MWM.

  • Carter

    Saturday or Sunday?

  • FUEL TV will be at the banks on Saturday for a “Save The Banks Jam”….

  • Craig973

    What time you want us start showing up cause ill come through with mad ppl man. i live 30 mins away by train

  • JohnH

    What time ??
    We out

  • Not sure on the time. I’d say around 1pm is a safe bet!

  • Posted up the session info on my site. Hope we can make things happen.

  • chrisnyc

    wasnt this supposed to close last week?

  • john baumil


  • sam lee

    When is the comp?????