This Rules! CCN Run Bike Dec 1, 2009

In a few years, this kid won’t be able to take that skatepark drop anymore! At least not without crushing his jewels.

The CCN Run Bike is a good way to startem young. This little duder is hitting trails, parks and street already. If I had a kid, I’d get him one. So rad! Reminds me of the chainless BMX riders. Using momentum and speed carves to get moving in parks.

  • chris

    maybe you should have a kid!

  • HA! Could you imagine? It’d have hooves and horns.

  • jnd

    ouch! that made me wish my testicles had never dropped, it would have saved me much agony over the years.

    that little dude rips! i like his take on 360’s im going to adopt them as my own.

  • jnd


  • paula

    can you picture him in 4to5 years tearing it up

  • scissorneck

    this is what im getting my 1 1\2 year old……

  • djh

    what language is he speaking at the end?
    is this another one of them japanese hoax videos you have been known to post?

  • dope nose manny @ :05

  • Norske

    i sent msg to my gf of this video she said she wants one i have no idea if that means a kid or the bike :|

  • this kid is the future hope he rides for the next 6 years 9 year old does truckdriver down 15 stair.

  • brendan

    kid rips better than me

  • I’m going to spend the next week dropping my feet from the pedals spinning 360 all over town. That kid is awesome.

  • dontcoast

    so getting my kids these! gotta buy two or else it’ll be a neverending fight.