The NYC Revival Premiere Dec 7, 2009

photo by John Hargraft

This past Saturday was the NYC Revival Premiere. Brought to you guys by Prolly is not Probably and Post Bikes with support from Colt 45. To say this night was a success is an understatement. It seemed like all the odds were against us from the beginning. First of all, finding a large space to throw an all-ages movie premiere in NYC is a pain in the ass. For weeks I got the run-around from numerous venues regarding money. No one wanted to throw it for free and no one could do all-ages.

I had no idea how many people would show up, but after seeing the Fit premiere at Post Bikes in Williamsburg, I kinda felt like it’d be around that number of people; 100 at most. I sat everything up, we were all good to go. Then, after a week of 60-degree weather, the forecast switched to 30-degrees and snow on Saturday. I was bummed!

photo by John Hargraft

After scrambling around picking up the projector and meeting out-of-towners, we got everything lined up and come 5pm it was time for the Peel Sessions and Revival trick jam. It had been raining all night, so I assumed all bets were off. But there was still hope, so we headed over to the Peel Spot and crossed our fingers.

photo by John Hargraft

We rolled up and holy shit, the spot was dry. Well, dry enough to ride anyway. Everyone was stoked to be there and even though most people were wet from the ride over, we all started to ride. We had a little manny pad set up and a kicker set up with palettes. Immediately everyone started to ride them.

photo by John Hargraft

Tom was hitting massive hop bars off the kicker and gapped the manual pad. Wonka was nailing big airs and 360’s and everyone was doing 180’s and airs. The Philly Water St. Sessions crew showed up and of course the Toronto Revival guys were there. It was a great time. Three hours flew by and before we knew it, it was 8pm.

photo by John Hargraft

Everyone started heading into Post Bike Shop’s old space on Nth 1st and Bedford in Williamsburg. Considering the weather, the turnout wasn’t bad at all. It was snowing, sleeting and pouring rain all night. Possibly the worst weather we had all year.

photo by John Hargraft

There was a big BMX contingent in the crowd but that didn’t surprise me. If you don’t follow Post’s blog, you should. You’d be very surprised to see a ton of fixed gear and track bike coverage. From BMX’s web-presence, you’d assume all the BMX dudes hate the fixed gear freestyle stuff. It’s not true here in NYC. Sure, there’s the occasional stinkeye, but we all get along pretty well. Everyone’s really positive and encouraging. BMX and Fixed riders support each other; without Post Bikes, this premiere would have been really hard to pull off.

photo by John Hargraft

As I mentioned earlier, Philly was in the house!

photo by John Hargraft

NYC and Toronto!

photo by John Hargraft

Troy and Luke chatting.

photo by John Hargraft

The beer came.

photo by John Hargraft

… and was gone before we knew it.

photo by John Hargraft

The whole time people were loading into Post I was trying to sort out the audio / video connections. Luckily some great people were there to sort things out. Thanks B-Flo Matt, Tony, Jason, Phil and Patrick. Seriously, I owe you guys!

photo by John Hargraft

After everything was set up, we played the DVD. I was really impressed with all of Tom Briggs’ and Wayne’s work. The video was a huge success. It captured the fixed gear and track bike scene across all groups. Messengers, fakengers, wheelie tricks, bmx tricks and thank God, finally a girl in a full-length project. The production was incredible. The riding was unprecedented and the music was bangin! Tyler and Wonka stole the show. Such a stark contrast in styles. Truly West Coast and East Coast. Some of the things Tyler pulled were smooth and techy and Wonka’s lines and tricks were fucking massive. I also have to say something about Mosher. He’s the mix of the two. Very techy and very BMX-oriented. Big stair sets, grinds and insane lines. Seriously man, I don’t know how you did some of those. Very impressive.

Not to discredit the rest of the riding, because this video gave a lot of the so-called “new guys” a lot of light. I’m really feeling the Butcher’s style and Torey has come a long way since he first came to NYC. That skinny little kid did a massive stair gap. Really great riding all around. So here’s the part of the review where I try to end the story with a big group hug.

Cahill says “fuck that”

We got drunk!

Post Bike Crew

Edwin Delarosa, Troy and Phil showed up at the bar and we all had some great words about cycling. Talking to Edwin about fixed gears was one of those moments where you really feel good about being a part of this whole movement. Seriously. Troy, Phil and Edwin all ride fixed and they are so down with all this. Really rad guys. Thank you so much! It means a lot.

Cahill, Tom and Jacob

The next morning we all woke up kinda late. Tired and hungover; but glad to see the sun and dry pavement. We rode the Brooklyn Banks all morning. Tom and Wonka once again killed it and come the end of the day, it was time for the dudes to roll home.

It was a great weekend. Many thanks to Post, Skitch, the Revival, Colt45 and muthafuckin’ John Hargraft for all the pictures! Without you man, this post could never have happened. I owe you some shots!

Now go to your city’s Revival premiere!

Keep watch for more photos and video from this weekend.

  • awww yeah thems my Toronto boys! MUCH LOVE!

  • Great write-up. Glad you were able to put together a NYC premiere. Just got some photos developed from the Seattle Premiere. Will be posting them soon.

  • looks like it was a good time! What’d you have to do to get colt45 involved?

    Other event organizers take note, 21+ sucks. If you’re not going to do all ages, don’t card at the door!

  • Alex B

    Awesome Night, John..again thanks for putting it together.

  • Danny, have some friends who work with them. Thanks to everyone that came out! More Peel Sessions and Revival jam pics to come. As well as video from the weekend…

  • Rock on, doesn’t come to my town for a week or two more. Can’t wait to see it.