Kilroy Dec 17, 2009

KILROY from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.

Thomas from GOrilla gives us insight into the evolution of the fixed gear freestyle frame with respect to their own creation, the Kilroy. Whether you like it or not, these fixed gear freestyle bikes are here to stay. For how long is the question, but for now, we’re all having fun. Sure, they may look like something a Hobbit would ride in Middle Earth, but big ups to Frodo if that’s the case. As Wonka proves, these aren’t big and slow bikes made for parking lots, they’re evolved track bikes. More fun to ride and built to take a beating.

I commend companies that address the demand. 2010 is going to blow the fuck up!

Great edit from GOrilla! Nice to see my photos from Peel Sessions in there too! Keep it up guys.

  • Bike is dope!!!! Str8 UP!!

  • Vas

    dope bike and edit.
    actually made me want one of them plus i’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan.

  • levenger

    I WANT KILROY! Look at that thing…it’s superb. Not only is it the sexiest freestyle bike, but also seems to be an accumulation of all the best practical design aspects of a trick bike. Would kill to ride one, just for a day.