Jesse Johnston: Peel Sessions Revival Jam Dec 8, 2009

Tom 180 by Jesse Johnston

Philly’s Jesse Johnston just sent me over some shots from the Peel Sessions Trick Jam before the Revival premiere last Saturday. The shots came out so rad. It’s a pain in the ass to shoot at the Peel spot when it’s dark out, but a little bit of post-processing and Jesse got some good results. The full batch is below.

Brian and Mosher on the vert

Prolly 180 and Drew hop bar

Wonka hop bar, Tom and Wonka air

Tony, Jacob and Chris air

Big ups to Jesse for these shots! Feel free to repost, just please credit Jesse Johnston!

The NYC Revival Premiere
Peel Sessions Trick Jam Saturday

  • Very Nice,now i want to make a ghetto kicker.
    Looks so Fun!

  • robmyers

    you guys have the best ghetto quarter

  • ghetto quarter to vert is gnar