End of Year Review NzNz Dec 28, 2009

End of year review NzNz from NZNZman on Vimeo.

A nice little mash-up of the JAN crew’s time spent on track bikes, fixed gears and skateboards during 2009. All the Bootleg Sessions guys are in there, Daisuke, MKM, Kyoichi and Kai. Edits like this would make perfect background video for a bike shop or a party. Shot really well, great colors and interesting context. Good job NzNz!

One last thing, Kyoichi, is that your car?

  • Brandon Lannie

    you’re right its shot great, colors and content was good, but you didn’t mention there great choice in music.

  • Kanon08

    3:50, what kind of bars are those?

    Some rad shots in this as well. 2:30 min mark is really cool. Kind of that weird photog trick where everything look’s like a model.