Blinking Yellow Dec 22, 2009

Blinking Yellow from Armand Kohandani on Vimeo.

Rainy, shitty weather brought the Denton, TX crew indoors and under cover one night last week. Here’s the end result. Dig the Wheelie to 180 skid to slider pop. Looking good guys!

  • jnd

    same trick different dudes over and over and over.

  • stephen

    there was a blinking yellow light in the background!

  • music=?

    also that was one helluva clean and fancy parking garage.

  • NegativeNelly

    this video was boring. snoozefest nonetheless.

  • all this spinning is making me sick ima throwup!

  • backwards

    wonka can you ride backwards?



  • Does keo ever do that trick anymore?

    BTW what happened to him after macaframa?

  • Damn, all this hate over a little parking lot edit. Sure, no one is bar spinnin’ an 8 stair or anything but yah gotta appreciate it for what it is… Couple of dude having fun on their bikes. Plus you gotta admit it was shot really well for a garage edit.

  • ATX

    Russian Circles is the music….

  • Yeah guys chill out a bit. I didn’t read all these before publishing them. Don’t make me baby sit…