Tom Sachs: Stealing Bikes Nov 17, 2009


You read it right. Tom Sachs, the man behind the Stages09Tequila Bike for Girls“, will be leading a discussion on the ethics of bicycle stealing this Friday. Be there for an open forum and demonstration promptly at 7pm at the WNW space. Head on over because I’m sure this will be an awesome event.

Tequila, PBR and Bicycles with Tom Sachs.

Not bad!

via Trackstar NYC

  • Dan

    God, this looks really interesting and I really want to go. Too bad I’ll be out of town… :-(

  • Voltaire

    Why is this even up for discussion?

  • sea kay


  • smithchild

    i’ll swap him my bike for one of his boomboxes.. how’s that for ethical?