The Sessions Vol. 1 Nov 17, 2009

The Session vol.1 from hassy on Vimeo.

Another edit from the 100% Pure Fighter competition. A little on the long side but worth the watch. Toku is back in action and took first place. Big ups man! In Tokyo it seems like there’s a battle between Marco, Toku, Kozo and Teppei at all these competitions. Check out Fixylife for more edits and a lot of photos.

Can’t wait to see some edits of Tom and Wonka killing shit.

100% Pure Fighter Final

  • JP

    It look cool, but it seem to me that they kept doing just 2 tricks nose pivot to sliders and 3 taps!!!

  • aj

    the japanese are good dont get me wrong but it’d be nice to see more then nosepivot slider, 3 tap,180 over and over.

    10 bucks says after tom/wonka leave the riding in japan will sky rocket with fools trying to do what they do.

  • JP

    I can see that happening AJ, Wonka and Tom are going to shit on them. Yeah every edit nose pivot and 3 tap. I give them that they can do them fast but I rather see style and a good bag of tricks

  • beine

    i agree with all of that. same tricks ova and ova. also, they’re doing them on what are basically just fixed trials style bikes. i’d like to see them doing these tricks on a trick-track bike, like, what’r their names, oh yeah, wonka, tom, and prolly to name a few.

  • Guillaume

    26er frame seems to be the new black in Japan…

  • aj

    I think tech lines are slick but when 80 fools can do the same lines its time to do something else. Thats what i love about puckett, tom, wonka, mosher, etc. all great riders but all have different styles and its still about fun/ pushing personal limits.