Far Fast Fuji Nov 30, 2009

FarFast _Fuji from Are_Bay on Vimeo.

A lot of people were asking what kind of bike Teppei (aka Nasty) was riding in the last [email protected]! Hamabike edit. He’s been abusing a Fuji for a while now and it seems to be holding up for him; dude’s not exactly dancing around parking lots either. Nasty’s bike has a W-Base “Do a Trick Fork“, which is a lot less over-sized like the one fork in this edit. The fork on the orange bike shown here looks like it’d rip the headtube off his bike after the first 180. Even then, before he had a W-base fork, Nasty was riding a rather beefy fork on his Fuji. So who knows?

From the looks of things, Fuji is stepping up their presence in the Asian market. They sponsor Nasty and Honma as well as other riders in Tokyo. This video is either sponsored by Fuji, or made by people who love their bikes. I’m not sure which it is and I can’t find any information about it.

Anyone got a link?


    @ 3:30 dude is riding around with foot retention on only one pedal.. what the fuck??!

  • I know a few messengers that do that. If you skid with the same foot (non-ambidextrous), you only need foot retention on one pedal. Try it. You can still skid fine.

  • this was mucho boring.

  • I think the FarFast guys are from Bangkok. Still, don’t know whether Fuji was involved with this footage.

  • Spliff

    Found this blogspot…farfast.blogspot.com/
    From the vid it looks like Thailand. Not sure if Fuji put this out, more like riders that mash on Fuji frames!

  • Far Fast is a small group of riders from Bangkok and a few of them are sponsored by Fuji’s distributor of Thailand and Rollya Bike shop.
    I dont think the footage has anything to do with Fuji in Japan.

  • Ken

    the fork on the orange bike is original from breakbrake17, as I know its almost the same as do a trick, 410 length, just looks bigger then do a trick fork


    Hi,there!! We’re FARFAST,a small group in BKK, Thailand.We got 2 sample Fuji bikes from Fuji’s distributor of Thailand and Stem,handle bar & Fork from Rollya Bike shop.This footage doesn’t involve with Japan Fuji,but we made it just for our profiles which matching Fuji frames & other bike parts.As you seen is just a part of a real our footage.It’s on the process.Our blog is farfast.blogspot.com .Nice 2 see u.Thank you Prolly & for all

  • day

    Good man thailand

  • DaveID

    Its the Fuji Feather, here in the states and the bike comes with a 1″ quill stem and is set up in a classic style. We have them at the job, Performance Bicycle(Pmart) a Fuji dealer. My friend picked one up, nice bikes…