Peel Sessions 10.29.09 Oct 30, 2009

Big-spin assist by Andrew Temkin

Andy came out last night to Peel Sessions. He brought a pretty legit setup with him so after being “off the bike” for 4 weeks, I figured it was a good night to mess around on the Bruiser. More pics after the jump…

Chris big spin by Andrew Temkin

Tough Guy shirt by Andrew Temkin

Turning Tricks by Andrew Temkin

Hold Fast! by Andrew Temkin

Flat 180 Bunnyhop by Andrew Temkin

Dutch Lawrence by by Andrew Temkin

Thanks so much Andy! Check the rest of the pics out here!

  • timmy

    there is no way thats a 180hop. you had to do that off a ramp.

  • Dutch Lawrence!

  • WOW! Cool to see Lawrence riding his BMW! Great pics man.

    We miss you Dutch Lawrence.