Drive by Rafale Oct 6, 2009

RAFALE – DRIVE (clip officiel)

A bit back, the French electro band Rafale was looking to make a video about bike messengers in NYC. Their producers got in touch with the Empire riders to help out. Well, here’s the final edit. You’ll recognize a few people in there, including Wonka bunny-hopping onto a car.

  • Will

    This was great. Creamroller!

  • stout

    Rad video….

    and hey at least he was wearing a helmet while he went straight down the road the wrong way…. hmmm..

  • Neil

    What Handle bars are those on the white bike

  • Thomas

    Good film.

    I like Rafale’s sounds, it’s fresh.

    For information you can “co-produce” the next EP of Rafale on website :

    Enjoy !!!

  • morgan

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    If you want a proof look this video concerning Rafale project.

    Peace !