Asphalt: Hold Fast Oct 13, 2009

As I mentioned earlier, for this edition of Asphalt, Laek House and Prolly is Not Probably teamed up with Brooklyn-based Hold Fast to give away not one, but two sets of Hold Fast FRS straps.

Head on over here to read all the rules!

  • Chris

    Well, if I had known all my broken straps could get me a pair of hold fast I would have kept more. I have here, a broken hose clamp, a broken seat belt, a broken towing strap. I have other pairs of broken DIY systems. I have not used store bought straps in over 6 months. I am itching to get a pair of these.

    Maybe more will come.

  • Here is the homebrew Hold-Fast style straps I made for my fixed mtb-cruiser-creation. They lasted about a week until I road in rain and the glue on the velcro lost its stick. Then I tried to sew the velcro on to the ratcheting straps, ended up ruining 3 sewing machine needles. Tonight I’ll post my Campy Record Pedals that I destroyed the steel christophe cages on.

    Lavender looks dope.

  • sebastian

    Here are my double straps. ive ripped all four of them. i tried sewing them back together and i also put some plastic fabric stuff around it and sewed it but it didnt work. im still using these as we speak im done buying new straps so your hold fast straps would be greatly appreciated. i need some new straps before i kill myself!!!
    The red ones look sick!!

  • kylej

    i know it said broken clip, but where my clips have held strong, my pedals haven’t. the mounting tabs for clips are too weak on these gr-9s and my barspin timing isn’t always on…
    anyway, i’ve already switched to plastic platforms but i haven’t settled on a street pedal setup yet.

  • williexwill

    Check it out. Snapped the tip right off! And now all my sneakers get fucked up too! Hook me up with the RED! Save my bike and my shoes!

  • tarvs

    I prefer red, these cages have been a pain to deal with. I ended up just zip tying the suckers to the pedal, hoping to pick up some straps soon enough.

  • im using electrical tape to keep them on!

    im fucked!
    i do enjoy lavender.

  • Benjamin Jones

    After 1 year 7 months of hard riding and frequent smashing, my drive side toe cage split open yesterday.

    I like the RED.

  • RED.

    bunnyhop barspin down a ledge

  • Nick D’Amico

    “Change is Coming”… IN FOOT RETENTION!

    Snapped right off my new odyssey pedals. Afterwards, I wrapped tape around the other clip at that spot so they wouldn’t bite it too.

    The red straps are real nice.

  • Jordan Sanchez

    these are a 5th pair of clips ive been through, all resulting in the same thing, broken or my favorite SUPER BENT and jammed into the pedal cage and i cant even pull it out! i like those lavendar ones.

  • baltimore sam

    this is just a small sampling of the many clips and straps I have destroyed. So over it.

    I like the red, thanks!!!

  • James

    I need some real strap! Please hook it up! Red if it’s an option… thanks!

  • Don’t know if I am qualified for this, since I bought some Holdfasts in August. But, I figured I’d post what I’d collected before I converted.

  • About two months to refound these toe clips in Rome…

  • Ehmmmmm…
    Forgotten about this… but… my (future) battleship) will be on red…

  • Scott

    I really like Lavender.

    I gave the other half of my broken clip to my friend as a birthday present lol.

  • Corey SAn Agustin

    Just a few of my broken clips and stuff I didn’t throw away.

    Now my current ghetto set up. Check out the legit tube box ducttape combo doubleizers and the knots in the strap to keep my straps from slipping. but seriously my straps aren’t going to last much longer and I’m tired of my friends saying my clips look like those duck tape wallets that were popular a few years ago, hahaha. Lavender looks nice.

  • dontcoast

    Love the Lavender HoldFasts.

    I’ve broken more vinyl straps than I care to count, a couple plastic clips and a couple metal clips. This one takes the cake though. Still kind of sad about it:

    Broken Lyotard Pedal (stamped steel broke) Broken plastic clips (broken in two places, where the strap threads through and at the toe) and Toshis that are worn out where they thread through the pedal and cannot be removed. Total loss.

    It all failed at once, and down a hill too, but they’d been worn by doing tricks on a pedal that should’t be used for that. Lyotards are still one of my favorite pedals ever though.

    ..and it would be so great to have more shoe options than with toe clips for the Pacific Northwest winter downpours!