Warriors Race in Charleston, SC Sep 29, 2009


Bike gangs will run rampant through the pre-war streets of Charleston, SC. This looks like a lot of fun. I used to surf in Chucktown growing up. Such a beautiful city. Would be epic to race there! Nice sponsors list too.

October 24th, be ready!

  • Ribs

    Wow, Charleston. Running short on ideas? http://vimeo.com/5624570

  • please… NYC did the OG Warriors Alleycat yearrrrrrs before the other race! Who cares? It’s a popular theme. But still, NYC did it first and the context made it legit as hell!

  • Ribs

    Fair enough. I guess I’m too green to have known about the NYC race.

  • bikeninja

    thanks for the defense prolly… I’ve seen many races borrow this theme… and after i’d begun designing it, saw the vid up for the seattle one. I knew I’d catch some flak for that..

  • You should come out and race with us Prolly, I think it will be one to remember.