The Warriors Race Aug 31, 2009

The Warriors Race from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

Speaking of the Revival, here’s a promotional video Wayne put together for the September 5th Warriors race!

Alright everyone. This is the layout for the Warriors race…

You will pick your team of four. You can pick anyone, guy or girl, just as long as you’re prepared with your team of four. Teams may or may not need certain supplies – this is up to you and your gang. For example, you may want radios or cell phones to communicate. You might want bike tools, helmets, or any other shit that could help you along the way, if ya catch my drift.

Each team is given one manifest and every team member has to make it to every stop before your gang can advance to the next station, so protect your team by any means necessary! There will be a points system grading. This is based on time, the number of surviving gang members (on your team), and the number of opposing gang members your team has knocked off. You knock off other team members by ripping off their arm bands and registering your hit at the next station. If someone on that team takes one of your member’s arm bands OR if your tag makes it to the station before the arm band carrier does, you cannot register that hit and you will not get points for it. Beware – this will cause chaos and paranoia so be careful and be strategic!!

There will also be other special hidden points you can collect along the way, but they are not required stops. For example, you might need to look for a hidden gang tag somewhere near the stations. Now, only one of your guys has to get the extra points so send out a ringer to collect the points and meet ya back at the next station!!!

Basically, the best time and most points wins this race, so it’s a battle of speed, smarts and unity (with your gang that is!).
Registration is open as of now JULY 15th and will be closed September 1st at 11pm. To register please email your gang’s name and the four racers’ full names to [email protected] Title this email “Come out and play.” The $25/member, $100/team entry fee can be collected at the start of the race or dropped off anytime between 8 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday at the Phantom Couriers office (B2 – 325 Howe Street). Get training and we will see ya all on the 5th at Surrey Central sssuuuuuccccccckkkkaaaaasss!!!

Vancouver rising!

  • could have had some better copywriting on that, boppers… i wish nyc would do another warriors race if there wasn’t so much beef about it.

  • loumar

    haha, burnaby.

  • hustlejr

    Now if only he would tell us the fucking time it starts I’d be good to go.

    Oh and if my team mates stop getting hit by cars that could help too.

  • @ Mike- I’d love to see another NYC warriors too, the first one was more than a year in the making. Not saying it would take that long to put together but am scared of a half ass production. Something to think about for sure..

  • lhansberger

    because we got the streets suckas! can you dig it?!?

    patullo birdge death race new west hill climbs, metrotown traffic fucks!

  • Poncho

    Go to the fucking website you little pecker sniff!

  • nick

    sooo good! loved it!

  • hustlejr

    Third place!

    Fucking waist high waves from cars coming over the bridge. Raining fucking buckets just as the race started! SO PERFECT!