Palms Cycle First Annual Trick Comp Aug 17, 2009

Nice little edit from the Palms Cycle trick comp. Here’s the information from the Youtube page:

This is the first annual Quadcomp that palms Cycles has put on. Included best trick comp, foot down(not shown), and lbc sprints comp.

  • See what you did Prolly! Now everyone is going to sample the Major Lazer mixtape. In other news Congo looked like he took the trick comp, when everyone else was doing keo spins and toekeo spins he land the forward 360 and barhop NICE

  • Shit man, 6 years ago, it’d be Hollertronix…

  • SICK videoooo!!

    Major Lazerrrrr hahah

    I love seeing trick comps and seeing what kinds of things people have on lock to pull out in an event.

    Go California!

  • congo

    lol thanks Fonseca! i did to some toe keos and keos but they didnt put all that in, There was a bunch they didnt put in lol. yah i did win this it was a fun comp! thanks to all who put it together!

  • Rory Ginger

    Yeah twas a slick mix for sure. No wonder it’ll be used over and over.

    What was the foot down skidding trick? That was mad tight.

  • Danny

    Thanks for the comments.
    Sorry Congo, I was trying not to put to many repeat tricks in the edit. I did it in 2 hours too so I may have missed some good tricks.