Rumble in the Jungle May 8, 2009


Looks like an awesome time. A ton of events, sponsors and hopefully a bunch of kids will show up. Fonseca will also be previewing the “No Cassettes” video.

Rumble in the Jungle Alley Cat Race Pre Show Video/No Cassettes Sneak Peak from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

Film-maker Being Filmed
No Cassettes and Tom Mosher
Nice Line from Fonseca Films
New Fonseca Edit
Broakland Tradeshow Edit
No Cassettes Mix Tape

  • haha, the yelle song is great… especially if you know craig in person…

  • iansmash

    Word is that around 200 ppl showed up for the trick comp…

  • Having a ton of people around for trick comps is rad. A bit nerve-wracking for the kids competing I’d imagine.

    You ever see this? 400 people showed up at the last Peel Competition.

    that’s half of the crowd!

  • erikerikerikerikerikerik

    yelle is hot.