Grand Theft Velo’d May 17, 2009

pic by Tyrant BMX

Guys… Thanks so much. New Haven was awesome. The Scorchers really know how to host an event. Friday night, Ghostship Clothing sponsored a night-time trick event. We rode a few spots downtown and on the Yale campus before the cops came and kicked out us. Here are some pics.

Lucas Brunelle and me hopping Justin Keena by Tyrant BMX

Saturday, rather than doing the race, I hung out with Zack from Open and Justin Keena. Riding around a new city is awesome. There were so many spots to ride and we tried to hit everything we saw. Come Saturday night, we were all beat, my wrist was bruised and it didn’t take much to convince people to head to the bar.

Big thanks to everyone who hung out, rode, drank, got naked at the bar, took pictures and came in from cities all over New England.

Race results are here and more information to follow. Tyrant BMX has some more pics up here too.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I left my SD card at home! More will surface eventually I’m sure.

  • ario

    what’s that foot retention system?

  • jason

    how do you get such a high bunny hop with the seat so high up? i find it much much more difficult to get air on a fixed vs. bmx because of seat height.

  • Thanks again for coming out! We had a blast and can’t wait ’til next year.

  • I was pretty blown away, you have some serious skills on that fixie! If you’re up in the area again be sure Sean or somebody keeps me posted. I’d like to shoot some more fixie freestyle…didn’t get nearly enough photos of the stuff you were pulling. Take care. ~Tony

  • Marcus

    Tailwhip photos!

  • you caught way more air.

    but damn bunnyhops with bullhorns…wtf!?

  • erikerikerikerikerik

    hey that’s me center of the wheel, woohoo!

  • PedalPIFF, you forgot the 50lbs. of camera gear on his head, too! Oh, and he ain’t on bullhorns, just in the drops on road bars, but yeah, good.

  • hahaha. Man. What a fun weekend. Can’t wait to get up there and ride some more guys!