Philly’s Also Starting Something… Apr 3, 2009


Tony told me recently that he and Drew down in Philly are working on a weekly trick meet up. Here are some shots from tonight…

Once they finish the flier, I’ll post that up as well as some other information.

Also stay tuned for a Philly Peel Sessions comp…

Details to follow!

  • hfwido

    Sick! We should all go to Philly to ride in the summer…

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  • Ian

    That would be the shit if it were on weekends

  • Thanks for using my shot, man! I made a water st sessions set on my flickr Here. So I’m just gonna throw the pictures up in there from this every week, if you wanna use this link.

    Come down and ride philly!

  • Julian M.

    that’s whatsup… i will have to roll through soon.