Reappropriation Feb 6, 2009

Interesting move at the 5:15 mark. No one is “inventing” anything on a fixed gear. They’re just re-appropriating tricks. Really great video. Early freestyle.

I’m not saying that tricks on fixed gears are inappropriate, just clarifying that it’s hard to claim “originality” with anything on a bike.

  • And it’s pretty funny how we all know that move as a “KEO” spin.

  • That move was also in Rad – which is over 20 years old. Coincidentally, the song in the bike prom section where he does it was the song Macaframa stole for Keo’s section.

  • kale

    “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

    -Herman Melville


  • JF

    I don’t get it, does anyone riding fixed gear think they inventing stuff? Why say you are not inventing when no one said they do. Maybe i am to old and the kid’s think otherwise i don’t know.

    Anyway at that time circus people was riding fixed gears and was doing the stuff people do nowadays to.

  • Believe it or not, a lot of people think they are inventing tricks. A lot of people even name the tricks after the people who “do them first” on a fixed gear.

    People called what I call the “Big spin” [] a “prolly spin” and I don’t encourage that since I didn’t invent anything.

    Get it?