Nibs Dec 10, 2008


I’m not a huge hater and this is interesting on many levels.

The lost boys reference is kind of fitting, seeing as how kids young and old now are picking up track bikes to feel young again, but the Kanye glasses and pink bandanna gotta go!

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t buy it, but I feel weird wearing shirts with bikes on them.

  • Yea… its def a Lost Boys thing… i feel the whole fixed gear phenomenon is more like the new skateboarding well more like skateboarding compared to BMX…

    And its funny to see that how many pro-skaters from the last decade actually ride or dabble in some fixed now…

    but its the kids(men) that used to ride BMX that are really killing it on the trick front!

  • Saw this a while ago somewhere…

    dr(u)nking right now but…

    don’t know what the “hundreds” (somebody, anybody, please enlighten) is all about but anything Disney has a sour taste. That’s purely political. I’m not drunk enough to embarass myself about talking about people wearing cartoons.

  • nick pregler

    im a huge fan of the hundreds this is my least fav of them but they were all done extremely well and the video is kinda cool

  • It’s actually not a new thing for streetwear brands to have cartoons on their shirts. Think back to the 1980’s and all the bootleg “black Bart” shirts. Or all the shirts Supreme did a while back with the Cereal box characters “Raisin hell”. Just about every clothing shop Uptown has some cartoon character printed on a shirt doing illicit acts.

    Our generation really identifies with cartoons, since most of us were raised on Disney and Hannah Barbara. The Hundreds seem like they’re trying to tap into that Nostalgia.

  • Perhaps it’s just being in Memphis and maybe the South in general, but in a purely stereotypical sense there’s a certain type of person who wears Disney, Warner Bros, Hannah Barbara, etc…

  • you mean “urban” black people?

    It is what it is man. haha. I grew up in NC, spent 23 years there. The South is the best fucking part of the country. Such character and history.