Pharrell’s Gangsta Oct 28, 2008


Pharrell got himself a Gangsta track. Aerospoke wheelset too. I know the guys at Brooklyn hooked it up!

  • drizz

    i love how people on that site are more interested in ‘the family guy art’ behind him. i didn’t like the way those gangsta tracks looked at first, but i kinda want one now. so tight.

  • guss

    that thing is crazy small for him, when hes on it it looks like hes on a bmx

  • Yeah, he needs to raise his Saddle. It’s too low. That’s the thing with compact geometries, there needs to be a lot more seat post.

  • madbuddha

    I hope Pharrell isn’t claiming to ride track now, kinda like he was claimin to be a skater for hellas, stick to the rappin buddy

  • nate

    art behind him is by KAWS. doooope artist.

  • hustlejr.

    at least it’s not an escalade.

  • cabot

    I ride a compact frame, and I have a lot more seatpost going on than him, but I just don’t really feel like any amount of seatpost is going to make up for how much longer his torso is than that top tube. What is he like 6’5″? That looks like a scale model of a gangsta track.

  • mikey udalis

    isnt this old ive seen it a while ago.

  • JD

    this photo is over a year old.