Gage & DeSoto Oct 29, 2008


In case you haven’t seen these shirts yet, then you need to head over to Gage & DeSoto and check out their full line.

It’s strange, I’ve seen these shirts everywhere and never really knew where they were from. Now I know. The C-Record and I COG NY shirts have been all over the place so get on the Cannibal Wagon!

Where’s the Cinelli love? Good stuff guys, keep it up!

  • looking good john, much easier to leave a comment. I like it!

  • Ben B

    Yo these guys definitely ripped this design off of my friends down at AZBikes in Flagstaff, AZ. The original looks like this:[email protected]/2333166558/

    It was designed under the ‘Livewrong’ banner and they made many good designs, but stopped because of fighting amongst the designers.

  • You are aware that the image is the most famous picture of the Cannibal correct? It’s like saying that everyone who does a Che shirt ripped “the other guys off”.