wHaT’S BiZarRe iN tHe BaZAAAAAaaAAa4R ThIS WEeK!?!


wHaT’S BiZarRe iN tHe BaZAAAAAaaAAa4R ThIS WEeK!?!

If you aren’t checking the Rad Bazaarour private buy/sell/trade forum open for Group Ride members–every day, you might be missing out on some bizarre items. Our Acid Jackal went wild and picked out a selection of goods to share with you today, so check them out below!

1987 Mountain Klein $1200

Crust Clydesdale fork with Halo / DT Swiss disk brake wheel $250

White Industries T11 hub set Used $200

60cm Rivendell Sam Hillborne $850

Special feature! As seen here: A Hope Cyclery Build: David’s Rivendell (c)Hillborne

All-City 49cm Gorilla Monsoon SRAM Apex $1499

Crust | Nitto Juan Martin bar – silver $80

Chris Kelly Bonestock steel road bike 57cm $3000

Hyperlite 20 degree quilt $400

Featured Seller: Laurent Frieden

Each week, we’ll highlight a seller with some unique items for sale. This week’s featured seller shout-out goes to Laurent Frieden!

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