Well Used: Newbaum’s Cotton Cloth Bar Tape


Well Used: Newbaum’s Cotton Cloth Bar Tape


Cranking down the list of recent products I’ve reviewed comes my 8-month old Newbaum’s cotton cloth bar tape. The last time I posted about it in April, the tape had just started to fade a little. Now, in August, with hours upon hours of summer sunlight having hit the tape, you can see how it wears. I’ve yet to have any significant tears in the tape and have even taken one or two spills on it.

There are two more shots below, so checkem out.


The tape has a lot of character, especially when compared to the earlier photos.


Not bad at all if you ask me. For a US-based, eco-friendly company, I’ll sign off on it. I wanna try one of their colored rolls next. I highly recommend it! More information can be found at their site here.

Review: Newbaum’s Cotton Cloth Bar Tape