We Are Not Whole Until We Are All Whole

We have all been on rides that, at some point, require us to dig deep. But we still find a way to get that last bit of energy out of our bodies. We fight, we endure. And on the other side of these rides, we emerge stronger. We need to make the same commitment to anti-racism that we do to become stronger on the bike.

It’s easy to get exhausted by the seemingly endless stream of violence and uncertainty in recent months. Black people killed in cold blood, police brutality at protests, Covid-19 have all created a baseline of stress that we carry with us. Some would say this is the hardest climb we’ve ever done. But we can’t stop. We need to fight, we need to endure, we need to continue our momentum so we can come out the other side of these events stronger and more evolved.

On social media, I’ve personally noticed that information regarding racial inequity is not as front and center as it was just a couple of months ago. Those that are less affected are tiring out and are not sharing as much or tuning in as often. This CANNOT happen. We need everyone to continue. We must not fall back asleep.

I started posting a series of half portraits on Instagram to populate my followers’ feeds and send the message that we are not whole until we are all whole. A message that reminds us to stay involved, to stay tuned into the events that are happening in our country and communities. A reminder to check in, speak up, take action, and donate. We must keep the disenfranchised at the forefront of our minds and at the top of our feeds.