Way Back When


Way Back When

Photo by Gabe

What seems like ages ago, Gabe handed me an envelope filled with film he had just gotten developed. Inside were shots of Tom, Tony and me riding the Brooklyn Banks. Until recently, I had no idea where I put the envelope and it’s not until I was forced to go through my filing cabinets during my move that I came across them.

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We’ve all been dealing with a lot lately. Between jobs, school and everything else, it’s hard to find time to see your friends. These three photos reminded me how young this sport is and why we all started riding in the first place. It was fun. Keeping that in mind, I know we’ll all continue to ride for fun and that’s the way it should be. We’ll never screw each other over for publicity, argue about sponsorships or anything else that comes along with the pains of a growing sport. I love these guys and they’re seriously some of my best friends I’ve ever had.

Keep it simple and fun in 2010.