Walton Brush’s California State Champion Cinelli Cross


Walton Brush’s California State Champion Cinelli Cross

Photos by Mike Martin

It helps a lot when your teammate just so happens to be a expert at frame design and painting, especially when you win the 2013 California State ‘Cross Championships. Garrett Chow recently completed and photographed this bike for Mash-teammate, Walton Brush. Even if it did come at the end of the season, it’s still an incredible machine!

Check out some words by Garrett and more photos below!


“In the Golden State–California–sunsets are seldom drab and uninspiring. The color-palette rendered as the sun slips below the edge of the Pacific is the concept behind Walton’s hand-painted, California State Cyclocross Champion race rig.”


“Sandwiched between walls of ink-black night sky lies the last sliver of daylight: the bike’s gold leafed front-end fades through orange to vermillion, then into violet, and finally, fuchsia…”



“You’d almost believe this photo was shot last July, instead of during the calm before the ‘Storm of the Decade/Century/Millennium’ now upon us.”



“Thank you, Mike! Thank you, Walton! Alongside our sunsets, you two are most golden. XO gc”