Readers’ Rides: Kenny’s Cinelli Sentiero Crust Clydesdale Cargo


Readers’ Rides: Kenny’s Cinelli Sentiero Crust Clydesdale Cargo

Thanks to Crust Bikes’ Clydesdale fork, you don’t need to buy a new cargo bike to haul goods around town. A case in point is Kenny’s Cinelli Sentiero he built with one. Let’s check it out below!

When I saw this Cinelli Sentiero on eBay completely stocked a few years ago, I knew I had to have it.  The original striped saddle, black and white color blocking, and trippy head badge had that Italian swagger I’ve always loved about Cinellis.

Initially, I bought it to do a retro mod and 650b swap (because I had to try it once), but after the first few rides, I could never get comfortable on it.  This frame is an XL, but I’m 6’4”, and no amount of component swapping got me where I needed to be. So I sold it.  A friend agreed to pay what I picked it up for initially, so I marked it up as a wash.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago.  Having a couple of happy hour beers at my local, I get an eBay notification for a Crust Clydesdale fork.  I’ve always loved them since the first time I saw one, and I also think all bikes should have baskets, so I was very excited.  To sweeten the deal, the fork came uncut with a new front wheel and fender!  I immediately spun 90 degrees on my bar stool to my aforementioned friend, who agreed to sell me back the bike I sold home a couple of seasons prior (for the same price, now that’s a good friend).  A bike so nice I had to buy it twice.

With the bike and fork in hand, I went to my parts bins and assembled my perfect around-town bike.  With the help of the full-length steer tube, some Velo Orange Klunker bars, 1000000 spacers, and a 450mm seat post, I was happy to find the bike to fit finally.  The fork adds a nimbleness that leads to carving bike lanes just because it feels fun.  This bike makes every trip to the bar, store, shop or friends a complete joy!

Long live comfortable, practical bikes!

Build Spec:

  • Frame: Cinelli Sentiero
  • Fork: Crust Clydesdale
  • Handlebars: Velo Orange Klunker
  • Saddle: Brooks Flyer
  • Brakes: Paul Motolite
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano XTR rapid rise
  • Shifters: Rivendell Silver
  • Crank: Shimano Deore
  • Pedals: MKS Always



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