Product Shout Out: Velo Canteen Stainless Double Wall Insulated Canteen


Product Shout Out: Velo Canteen Stainless Double Wall Insulated Canteen

Coffee-carrying devices on your bike are fairly ubiquitous, yet if you’re looking for a classy-looking, and modern functioning coffee canteen, look no further than the Velo Canteen, a fluted, double-wall insulated coffee canister, explicitly designed for traditional bottle cages. John’s been enjoying this simple product for a few months and is ready to give it a quick Product Shout Out, so read on below.

When you work from home, you relish the quick trips out into the world. For me, I really love riding out after lunch to my favorite coffee shop in Santa Fe, Sky Coffee, for a quick fill-up of Onyx Coffee. I’ll use this quick jaunt as an excuse to ride a vintage bike, many of which are equipped with a TA “cobra” bottle cage, like the Ritchey above, with a protruding plastic hood that keeps bottles in place securely. Other canisters fit awkwardly, as the constant cylinder shape never nests well enough. Yet, the Velo Canteen has a recessed lip to fit snugly in your traditional bottle cage.

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These 13.5 oz capacity, 11oz, double-walled canisters are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel and after compressing your cage to hold the Velo Canteen securely, don’t rattle or jettison on even rough terrain. The fluted sides mimic a Campagnolo or SR post from the late 70s, blending into a vintage aesthetic while not looking alien on a modern, carbon bike.

Regarding insulating properties, I’ve had hot coffee, soup, or tea stay hot for a few hours. Velo Canteen is now available in four colors: silver ($45), black, copper, or gold for $50.

Check out more at Velo Canteen.