The Vanilla Bicycles x Chris McNally Collection


The Vanilla Bicycles x Chris McNally Collection


I love seeing projects like this form. Especially when it’s got Chris McNally involved. That man is so talented. Here’s the scoop from Vanilla:

“Born out of a friendship and shared love of impractical vehicles and the clean aesthetic of 60’s and 70’s road racing, this project represents the culmination of seeds planted a few years ago. When Sacha started in on a design for the new Vanilla kit, he was reminded of how garish modern team gear has become. Thinking about what the design could be, he wanted to evoke the beauty and simplicity of past designs, while keeping the forward-looking feel the Workshop believes in…”

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“A reconnection with Chris McNally for a Mt. Baldy road trip unlocked a whole new pathway into thinking about how to showcase the ideas embodied in our way of looking at a team. Seeing how Chris’ illustration had evolved, the aesthetic he’d developed, and the passion for racing and riding threaded through his work, Sacha knew he wanted to work with Chris. Tapping into his talent and point of view, the goal was to capture the flavor of the team and spirit of the team, and show how we see our group coming to life out in the world.”


“The pieces we’re offering range beyond traditional cycling clothes and into a family of items that bring to life the different vantage points and elements of being a team—in spirit and practice. Each piece is designed by Chris, and features his distinctive use of illustration line and brushstroke.”


“In keeping with the Vanilla approach, the visuals shift as you get closer, revealing subtle details and nods to the experience of the race, from the charge of spectating to the grace of the peloton to the beauty of the caravan vehicles—in particular our ’71 Volvo 142.”

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