ULTRADYNAMICO Rubber Corp Rosé Tires are in Stock


ULTRADYNAMICO Rubber Corp Rosé Tires are in Stock

ULTRADYNAMICO Rubber Corp, founded by longtime cycle pals @ultraromance and @ultratradition, launches today with an effervescently-late summer tire aptly dubbed “Rosé”.  The Rosé comes in popular 650b x 47.99mm size, with an exotic and luxurious sidewall that is tubeless-ready, without seeping away all your sealant.

Nothing implies speed like an arrow. That’s because an arrow is always going forward as fast as possible. The Rosé tire has lots of arrows. This subliminality is unmatched across the broad rubber spectrum.

The Rosé tire model is available in two compounds, designed to match any rider’s fancy. Choose between a tacky grey RACE compound and standard jet black BREVET compound.  Due to their small-batch, artesian production process by the masterminds of rubber at Panaracer in Japan, the grey sidewalls may vary in hue.  Each rosé tires weighs a mere 490 grams and as a premium tire, they carry a premium price of $85 USD. Please, no dealer inquires at the moment. We appreciate your patience.

The Rosé tires are available for purchase now at Ultradynamico. Follow their social media prowess at @ultradynamico

By the end of the week, find Rosé tires at these retaillers:
In-store: Golden Pliers, Portland Or
In-store: Golden Saddle Cyclery, Los Angeles
In-store: Crust Australia