reTyre Is the World’s First Carbon-Neutral Tire


reTyre Is the World’s First Carbon-Neutral Tire

At Eurobike this year, reTyre unveiled world’s first carbon-neutral tire, made of 100% reclaimed materials, these tires are made through cutting-edge manufacturing technology and the brand’s commitment to reducing emissions.

The Norwegian company has developed carbon-neutral technologies, allowing it to incorporate several unique materials that had never been used before to manufacture a tire. Each material was chosen for its ability to minimize environmental impact:

  • Algae in the Tread: Sourced from algae blooms to restore aquatic ecosystems, preventing eutrophication and methane release.
  • Recycled Para-Aramid in the Beads and Puncture Protection: Utilised from used body armor in a closed-loop recycling process, incorporating renewable carbon and reducing waste.
  • Post-Consumer Recyclate (PCR): Sourced from local waste streams with a low CO2-equivalent (Kg CO2-eq).
  • Recycled Fish Nets for the Casing: Collected from the ocean, reducing emissions by 49% and energy use by 15%.

The brand has developed tires for bikes, e-bikes, kids’ bikes, wheelchairs, cargo trailers, and more. Essential information such a models, diameters, sizing, tread designs, pricing, and availability is slim at the moment but expect future updates here as events warrant.