Transient Messenger Bag Updates


Transient Messenger Bag Updates

Photo via Orange 20

Here’s an update on the Transient Messenger Bags. The handmade bags will come in three sizes; a small (1,320 cu inches), medium (2,352 cu inches) and large (3,744 cu inches). Alex has taken all the PR&D from his local messengers as well as input from a few NYC guys too, including Joey Krillz.

Kyle at Mopedsaurusrex has various photos of the Transient Messenger Bags on the Orange 20 Flickr account. There’s some more information below, via his post on Mopedsaurusrex.

Photo via Orange 20

Length: 22″
Height: 12″
Base: 5″
Cu/In: 1,320
MSRP: $125

Length: 24″
Height: 14″
Base: 7″
Cu/In: 2,352
MSRP: $145

Length: 26″
Height: 16″
Base: 9″
Cu/In: 3,744
MSRP: $170

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