Trail House in Santa Rosa Has a Lot of Rad Bikes, Including this 4.20 Rasta Ibis Mojo

Happy 4.20! Without blowing up the spot too much, let me just say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in Santa Rosa. Part of that is the riding, my friends the Sycips being great hosts, and shops like Trail House. Well, to call Trail House a shop is doing it a disservice. Not that it’s not a functioning bike shop, because it is, it’s just so much more.

Shane Bresnyan and Glenn Fant, the owners of Trail House figured out that magical mixture of coffee, beer, workspace, community hub, and bike shop. These two have been involved in the scene here for years, watching young groms grow up to be sponsored, podium-scaling rippers, and the scene here bloom like a highly cultivated crop. Beer sells. Coffee sells. Customer service sells. Not on their own. You need an environment that is welcoming and scenery that inspires.

Located at the base of Santa Rosa’s mountain bike trails in Annadel, Trail House is the pre and post-ride meet up, where muddy or dusty riders roll through for a burrito and a pint of Pliny, catch up on Instagram, thanks to their free wifi and ogle the latest in technology, sitting on their floor.

For people like me, when I see bikes hanging from the rafters of a shop, I immediately zone in on which ones would make for a fun gallery. This round, I’m sharing this 90’s Ibis Mojo, decked out with rasta components, just in time for 4.20. Don’t sleep on the details on this one!

Thanks to the people at Trail House for being so welcoming!

Trail House
4036 Montgomery Dr
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Hours: Everyday 7am-11pm


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