Tourists On Course: Enduro Trophy of Nations 2019 – We Forgot to Hit Send

Hello 2021

We liked this project so much we didn’t think it belonged in 2020. Seriously though, sometimes things are just out of your control and sometimes the things that are in your control take a back seat to other things in your control and those things take a back seat to the out of control things. And well, sometimes you just forget to hit send. That being said I am so happy to be sharing this project here on the Radavist because it’s where it all started. I wrote a little piece about how cool the Enduro Trophy of Nations would be–it was–and how excited I would be to be able to go race it–I did–so this is the story of that adventure.


Did we win? Absolutely not, but also absolutely yes. It can be complicated if you let it.

Here’s the official top-line idea …

We’re tourists. We ride bikes, go places, eat food, walk around, gawk, talk, and get sunburned. You know live, laugh, love, and bike. With the help of some friends, we built some bikes, packaged ourselves in these yellow linen shirts, and shipped ourselves across the Atlantic to the Italian Riviera in order to experience the 1st ever MTB Enduro Trophy of Nations. We’re not professionals, far from it, but we did the math and it turns out that most of you aren’t either. So this was our chance to see what the race–more than that–the whole thing would be like to experience. We did our very best to document the experience.

If you liked the video, or maybe you didn’t like the video but you liked the idea then visit our website where you’ll find a nearly endless amount of words, hordes of pictures, and yes…the video recapping the whole thing.

So it’s late. We get it. The important thing is that it’s here now, in the middle of winter with some bright sunny moments to get you through the dark days. Just know the joy of being a Tourist is as much about the recollection as it is the moment.