The Rustbelt Welding Company: Project Charlie


The Rustbelt Welding Company: Project Charlie


What’s this? A DJ bike? Nope. It’s the newest fixed freestyle frameset from the Rustbelt Welding Company. With its roots in heavy duty architectural welding, the guys at the shop took a stab at a few bikes. You may have seen the Marco Polo Bike before and now introducing the Project Charlie 26″ fixed. The quirkiness of this bikes design lies around the re-appropriated downhill bottom bracket gusset. Others have brought this over to fixed freestyle frames in the past. D.A.M.P. has one on their Butterbean and more recently, Leader used on on the Shadow, aka the Tyler Johnson pro-model.

Where the RWC Project Charlie gets nutty is the same diameter circle is integrated in the chainstays. Crazy! Will it hold a 40oz? Check out more photos here.