The Thesis Bike N1 Adapts From Road to Gravel


The Thesis Bike N1 Adapts From Road to Gravel

Thesis Bike, known for its OB1, or “one bike” model, just announced a sneak peek at its forthcoming N1 model, a titanium chassis road bike that can adapt from road tires to up to 27.5 x 2.25″ tires by turning a few simple bolts…

Project N1 fully realizes the one-bike-to-rule-them-all vision, with a geometry that is adaptable depending on the terrain: road, CX, gravel, and everything in between. Each size utilizes specific tubesets scaled to deliver the same riding experience under riders large and small. Clever packaging enables generous tire clearances of up to 700 x 51 mm and 27.5 x 2.25″, all while preserving the timeless look and feel of a road bike.

The result is a one-bike dream fleet that empowers riders to invest once in higher-quality components, a professionally honed fit, and only as many wheelsets as necessary for their style of riding.

Check out the all-new N1 at Thesis where you can sign up for updates.