The Custom Gravel Beauties of the 2021 Chris King Open House: Baum, Bixxis, Legor, Prova, Victoire

For the past five years, we’ve hosted in-depth documentation of the annual Chris King Open House and for the second year in a row, this showcase has gone virtual. Yet, don’t fret, because we have a beautiful showcase of some incredibly talented, international builders for you today. With a catalog spanning the globe, ranging from Australia to Italy, Spain, and France, we’re bringing gravel offerings from Baum, Bixxis, Legor, Prova, and Victoire to the web for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home or office. These bikes feature an extremely limited run of grey and turquoise Chris King bits which won’t be available to the public but have informed the paint designs for each of these noble steeds.

I hope you’re ready for some delicious gravel bikes! Let’s jump right in…

Baum Cycles – North Shore, Australia – Titanium Orbis+ Gravel@baumcycles


The best of both worlds. Road and gravel. While the Orbis is a pure sealed road machine, Orbis + is the split personality. Hitting the end of that sealed road, only now pushing on and discovering where the gravel continuation actually ends. Taking the latest – wider – rims, we designed the Orbis + around the demand for a platform that would allow for bigger tyres while still maintaining the soul of a road bike.

Bixxis Bikes – Seregno, Italy – Steel – Fronda Gravel@bixxis


Fronda embodies Bixxis’ idea of gravel: an instinct for adventure and the freedom to live offroad, are combined with Bixxis’ race identity. The geometry is studied in every detail, and ensures high performances on all types of road. The customised shapes of the chainstays and seatstays allow the use of both tires up to 38mm and a flat mount disc brake system, while the shape of the semi-slope frame adds consistency, functionality, and style.

Fronda stands out for the aesthetic attention to detail, such as the brazed logo located under the bottom bracket shell. Colors and components are fully customisable.

Legor Cicli – Barcelona, Spain – Stainless Steel – LWTUA Gravel@legorcicli


Barcelona offers a variety of terrains in which to explore on a fat tire drop bar bike. The LWTUA, or Love Will Tear Us Apart, is Legor Cicli’s modern gravel bike, offering 50mm of tire clearance and a progressive geometry at home on pavement, double, and single track. The LWTUA features custom paint and is for a dedicated 1x drivetrain.

Prova Cycles – Fairfield, Australia – Titanium – Ti Molti@provacycles


The aim for the Ti Molti model was to create one of the lightest titanium all-road frames while retaining functionality and stiffness where needed. This has been achieved through the innovative use of materials and the latest in 3D printing. The in-house butted 3/2.5 seamless tubing offers a unique and unsurpassed riding experience. The maximum tyre is size 35-38mm.

Cycles Victoire – Beaumont, France – steel – Adventure Gravel bike@victoirecycles


Developed and built specifically for the Chris King Open House, this Cycles Victoire adventure bike features a custom fillet brazed steel frame with painted to match ENVE Adventure fork. The striking paint fades to a raw clearcoat, showcasing Cycles Victoire’s fillet brazing with a custom stem and mini bag support rack adorning the cockpit. All Cycles Victoire builds are custom to the client’s wishes and this one delivers for the Chris King Open House.


We’d like to thank the team at Chris King, and the framebuilders, for once again allowing us to host this amazing display of custom bikes. Which is your favorite?