The Boy Who Cried Checkpoint

I’m always amazed how how many people are still into alleycats, especially in NYC. One morning, I was finishing up my coffee when this kid came flying up the sidewalk yelling “CHECKPOINT??!??!?!” “CHECKPOOOOINNNT!!!!!!”. I’d seen this happen before. It’s so sad. He was lost during a race. Brooklyn’s far from a difficult city to navigate, so I went over to ask if I could help. He replied that he saw an alleycat on Twitter and that the manifest was posted with the #fixiefamous hashtag. I didn’t have anything going on that day, so I agreed to follow him around town, as we looked for these “checkpoints”. Part of me knew someone was just messing with the wide-eyed, tattoo’d, pink fixie kid….

The following is an epic poem, read the image captions for the story.

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